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I am a candidate for Seanad elections on the National University of Ireland (NUI) panel. On this page you will learn a little bit about me. You can learn more from the links on the left to topics I am focusing on. Ballots will be posted out after the 21st of March and have to be returned to the NUI before polling closes at 11.00 am on the 27th of April.

Remember to get the appropriate forms signed by a witness and
to ensure that the ballot goes inside the inner envelope
provided. I hope what you read here encourages
you to cast your No.1 vote for me.

Yours sincerely

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The Postal Campaign

You are going to start to receive a veritable deluge of leaflets into your mailbox in the coming weeks. May I extend my apologies in advance for this but it is, by in large, the only direct means we, as canddiates, have of reaching you the voter.

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Daniel Sullivan - Making politics work; for all of us

I am a 43 year old engineer and as a practical person I believe that politics matters most when it is about how we choose to do things, not simply who does them. Like 95% of the electorate, I cannot vote in this Seanad election. We need your vote.

If you're looking for change vote for Daniel Sullivan

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In this election you can dare to be different.

When voting start from the bottom of the ballot paper and, with your vote, real practical political reform can be a reality. In the interests of full disclosure I am currently a member of Fine Gael, though I don't have any specific endorsement from the party and I was a local election candidate in Dublin in 2004. We are precluded from using party logos and statements of affiliation on the ballot paper or the Litir Um Thoghchán unless officially nominated by a registered political party.

I will be updating the manifesto pieces to the left as the campaign progresses.

Vote No.1

You can contact me at danielsullivan(dot)ie(at)gmail(dot)com

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