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Compelling audience contribution from Michael O’Brein on Questions and Answers re: the Ryan Commission Report on Child Abuse

We had a pretty compelling and some might say damning contribution from abuse victim and former FF councillor Michael O’Brien on Questions and Answers last night.Q&A May 25th I had wanted to write something more to go with this last … Continue reading

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Who has been telling porkies

I am half expecting an outbreak of cannibalism within a week if rumours spread that human flesh is the closest thing to the taste of pig meat. And was it really necessary to destroy all pork meat? Sure I can … Continue reading

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FF’s poll implosion

I’ve been banging on for quite a while now that FF have been suffering the same decline in core support as FG as the generations shifted but that in their case it was covered up by the fact that they … Continue reading

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Where did all the money go?

At this point, we all know that people in the financial sector (I think the technical term is fecking eejits) paid over the odds for assets that we now refer to as toxic. But where has that money gone? After … Continue reading

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EU is none too pleased at how the Irish government acted – Sod’em!

Well, would you get her?The EU seems miffed that the Irish government acted what they view as a unilateral manner to deal with the situation in Ireland vis-a-vis the banks. I’ve personally got a lot of qualms about the way … Continue reading

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What if the landlords of the banks couldn’t pay their loans?

Interesting question posed in the pub a while back- what if either of the sets of people who bought the HQs of the two largest Irish banks couldn’t continue to finance their operations? Many people thought at the time that … Continue reading

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Cuil launches, drops the L plate too.

Saw on the beeb site that Cuill* or Cuil as it now is has launched. I had personally suspected that Cuil was going to go after the search as a service market for big iron folks but it is out … Continue reading

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The C Word

Audits, prioritisation, efficiencies, savings, even reductions but Brian Lenihan just wouldn’t say we’re looking at cutbacks. If you deliver less services than you did the year before or if you deliver fewer services than you planned while still spend more … Continue reading

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Prostitution in Ireland – does the Indo have a stake in sexing it up?

Looking at the Indo today, there is an article about sexual exploitation and an image is used and credited to AXEL SCHMIDT of AXEL SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images. A quick search shows Aexl to be photo journalist based in Berlin, Germany. So … Continue reading

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Who is missing from social partnership?

As IBEC and the unions go toe to toe as a prelude to the opening and hard bargaining of the partnership talks, it is interesting to consider who doesn’t get to be represented at the partnership talks. You! if you … Continue reading

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