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Is Michael McDowell considering a run for the Seanad?

Image by 1541 via Flickr Reading his interview with the Sindo a few weeks back many would have wondered at his reversal of his long held position over the role and need for the Seanad, then Jason ponders if he … Continue reading

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Where Mary Lou McDonald gets it wrong on Lisbon.

In an article in the Irish Times, SF’s MEP for Dublin Mary Lou McDonald makes the case that the Lisbon referendum must not be rerun but that the Treaty must be renegotiated. The thing is she then goes on to … Continue reading

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Prime Time turns its lens on Declan Ganley, burns self.

Well, that was one hell of a piece rubbish television especially compared to other investigative programs Prime Time have done in the past. The overall flavour was of the Rowdy Roddy Peeper segment in the Simpsons. Actors in shadows, dark … Continue reading

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Lisbon:Lisboa – the aftermath Part 1

It’s likely we’re going to be picking over the consequences and causes of the treaty defeat for weeks perhaps even months. I’m going to have a quick start here but no doubt I’ll revisit it in more detail and with … Continue reading

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