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TCD Seanad Race – Vote % Projections

Warning: Below is a current assessment as of March 9th 2022 of where it appears the candidates are likely to finish up on the first count. The entrails used to make this determination were all organically fed and lived free … Continue reading

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University of Dublin – By-election

Warning: Any assessment of the likely votes that candidates may garner is completely unrelated to their qualities as human beings or how nice or hard working they are. Lots of people contest elections who are wonderful human beings and very … Continue reading

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The 2020 Programme for Government

This is a good agreement for getting people from a broad range of parties and political backgrounds to temporarily suspend their critical faculties and to support it.  This is a bad agreement for a government to deliver on, to bring the public … Continue reading

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Has there really been no progress in treatment of those with a disability?

Tom Clonan writes with passion and directness about the challenges his son and his family face yet his central premise that it is the state that has disabled his son is one that cannot go unchallenged. There are clearly instances … Continue reading

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Towards a Just Society or Just virtue signaling

The column by Mark Fitzgerald invoking the Just Society suffers from the usual weaknesses of most writing about this document. The column is long on the supposed motivations and good intentions of those involved but short on the specifics of … Continue reading

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The three jobs of the next Fine Gael Leader

The next leader of Fine Gael, whoever that may be, will be expected to fulfill not one but three jobs in their new position. Just what are these three jobs that the next leader of Fine Gael will need to … Continue reading

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From anti-clericalism to anti Catholicism

There are many good and well founded reasons for people to question the transfer of a state funded asset to a private religious organisation. There are many people doing that at the moment with respect to the proposed move of … Continue reading

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What type of party should a new Fine Gael leader be asked to lead?

The by now weekly calls from various people that the talk about the leadership race is a distraction remind me of a driver in their car bemoaning all the traffic around them. It’s those very calls that keep the talk going … Continue reading

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Equal pay for equal work – really?

The slogan in use by the ASTI is “Equal pay for equal work.” Yet we all know that teachers teach a variety of class sizes, of students with different abilities and challenges, in a variety of scholastic and social environments, … Continue reading

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The Muddled Majority

Recent opinion polls in the Irish Times and elsewhere have highlighted a curious mismatch in the public discourse on the 8th amendment. The majority of people (55% according to the Irish times) seem to be of the view that sometimes, … Continue reading

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