The rape of Martin Cullen

So Martin Cullen felt that the media scrutiny into his affairs was like being raped? Seriously, he said “It was like waking up every morning and being raped” I’m quoting from the people who were quoting him. Is that really how he felt?

Besieged, witch-hunt, being naked in public, being a hare at a coursing meet or a fox at a hunt, violated, even persecuted, all handy enough comparisons he could have used but didn’t. Nope he felt raped every day. Not that he had felt his personal world had been violated and that each morning held the possibility of a revisiting of this, but he was raped every day. Every day.

And why was this media attention directed at him? Because his department awarded a contract paying €800 per day to someone he knew personally who was apparent plucked from a pool of 3 companies. And who it appeared hadn’t handled accounts of this size before. And people were somewhat surprised at this, and one eejit made an inappropriate and untrue comment on air as to what the real reason might have been. I’ll give ya a hint it wasn’t because Martin was incompetent. And the investigation wasn’t able to find anyone who would say any wrongdoing occurred or anything written down that indicated wrongdoing had happened, or that the process was flawed.

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Update: I did a quick search and found this Martin Cullen profile on Bebo but surely that isn’t the one with a million hits. It’s only had under 2,000 profile views to date since 2006.

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