Martin Cullen – “that’s the end of the matter”

In regard to his treatment at the hands of the media, according to RTE Martin Cullen has said that he has no more to say and that was the end of the matter. So won’t be seeing any libel cases as we did from Ms. Leech from him once he departs from politics. I’m sure the papers will be pleased to hear that.

Interesting he also said “that he had spoken in the proper forum yesterday to convey what he had to say to a very legalistic audience, and everything he said should be seen in that broad context.” Indeed, I’m confident that audience members of who are of a legalistic nature will be well aware of what rape is and is not. As a lay person myself I’m only able to hazard a guess at the notion that having your face in the paper regularly with things being said about you that are hurtful, damaging and untrue isn’t quite the same as being raped on a daily basis but again I’m only a lay person. What would I know.

I wake up in the morning and the tiredness is like that of a member of the undead having slept in the earth for centuries with worms moving through my rotted corpse, while my skin dried and cracked like paper. Not that I’ve ever experienced the latter but what the hey I’m allowed make this direct comparison if I think about it from a legalistic mindset right? Not having experienced it doesn’t invalidate my right to claim it is true and to thus claim compensation from whoever caused my sleep to be less than 100% pleasant.

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