Congratulations to Slugger O’Toole

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A well deserved win for the Slugger team, the range of debate and the quality of the contributions in the past year was of a consistently high standard and all that takes a fair effort on the part of the various posters* and those commenting too. The culture of the site has evolved to be one that is about letting everyone have their ‘spake’ provided they respect the rights of others to do so to. And that’s down to the higher ups that set the tone. So a great big ‘nice one’ to everyone on-board the good ship Slugger O’Toole. The term ‘a talking shop’ is often times thrown about a term of abuse but talking is good as Mr Hoskins used to say and Jaw-jaw is better than War-War.

* I’ve contributed a few pieces for slugger over the last 12 months mostly from a southern political interest.

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