The next Fine Gael Front bench

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My Predictions for the new Fine Gael front Bench are below, note these are who I suspect having read my runes and the entrails of a passing goat that the train hit. They are not necessarily who I would pick nor who I think would be most suitable, well some of them might be while others would not be. You can judge for yourself

Michael Noonan – [Finance] (he’s not a threat to Enda and he is familiar with the brief for finance and is well able to respond and think on his feet)

Michael Ring - [Agriculture, Fisheries & Food]

Jimmy Deenihan – [Arts, Sport & Tourism]

Phil Hogan [Communications, Energy & Natural Resources]

Seymour Crawford [Community, Rural & Gaeltacht Affairs]

Terence Flanagan [Defence]

Leo Varadkar [Education & Science]

Phil Hogan - [Enterprise, Trade & Employment]

David Stanton - [Environment, Heritage & Local Government]

Fergus O’Dowd - [Foreign Affairs]

James Reilly [Health] and deputy leader

Deirdre Clune [Immigration & Integration]

Alan Shatter - [Justice, Equality & Law Reform]

Catherine Byrne – [Children]

Brian Hayes – [Social & Family Affairs]

Paul Kehoe - [Transport & Marine]

John Perry [Chief Whip]

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2 Responses to The next Fine Gael Front bench

  1. John says:

    You may be correct as regards the personalities. However I hope that Richard Bruton remains on the front bench. It is highly likely that Michael Noonan will face Brian Lenihan.

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