Did Ivor ever own Kilcrohane?

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So it now appears that Ivor Callely did indeed transfer ownership of the holiday home in Kilcrohane in April of this year to his wife. Yet given that he was transferring it to her and must thus in theory have owned it prior to this, he didn’t list it in his register of interests in 2006 while a TD nor at the end of last year for 2009 while a member of the Seanad. So is it the case that any property that his wife had an interest in with him wasn’t view by him as needing to be listed? Given that the property was bought in 1992 it seems odd that it just slipped his mind that he owned it for more than a decade and a half.

And to add some local juice to the story the law firm of Sen. Denis O’Donovan (O’Donovan Murphy & Co) handled the land cert for this property back in the mid 90s! This would be the same senator who was on the committee. While there might well have been no contact, it would seem that to ensure that all was seen to be above board that the good Senator might have informed the committee of this and removed himself from reviewing the case.

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