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Fringe (TV series)
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A crazy idea occurred to me watching Fringe during the week. Spoilers of various types following so if you’re thinking about watching it in future look away now. And I do have some history with predicting sci-fi storylines.

In looking at the two worlds there is considerable nerdish joy to be had looking at the differences between the worlds (trips to the moon, the death of pens, the hit musical Dogs!)  and wondering what the point of divergence was in their histories. Was it the Kennedy assassination, or the destruction of the Twin Towers? Or even further back?

But what if there isn’t one? Instead of there being a single point in history up to which point they were exactly the same world and then where things diverged due to some major event or perhaps minor quantum alternation, what if they never diverged but had always been separate and the use of the cruciform X chamber by Peter Bishop will instead bring about a point of convergence at some point in the future. the result of this acts flinging the suit itself back into the past of our world burying it across the globe and destroying both worlds. Much as when two cars that have safely driven along side one another on the motorway bump then deviate before colliding.

Or perhaps the point of temporary convergence was when Walter Bishop hopped over and his actions brought the two worlds too close together, binding them together like a cars on a chase scene where the bumpers lock  and what is needed is that this single act of convergence be reserved and that means the young Peter Bishop has to die in both worlds of his childhood illness. By erasing Peter Bishop from the timeline (which is perhaps what the device will do), it ensures that both worlds continue safely on their way.

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