Live Blogging of Budget 2009

I know there’s a good few others having a crack at this, but the more the merrier I say. You can do a sort of speed read of the previous budgets here as homework if you like.

NB: This is a kind of test run for me for other events. Feel free to add comments as I go along. Next time I will try and add other folks into the live feed itself using the panellists feature

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2 Responses to Live Blogging of Budget 2009

  1. mgb says:

    Good job Danny, I think it went well. The live-blogging that is, not the budget.

  2. Dan Sullivan says:

    I noted early on in the coverage that Mark Little’s graph showed unemployment with a Green down arrow for 2007 of 4.5%. However the rate for 2006 was actually 4.3% so that should also have been a red up arrow. Nice attempt at spin for the government by the RTe graphics department.

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