Last autumn, I declared my intention to contest the NUI Seanad panel. Since then I’ve been hugely encouraged by the support I’ve received from people across the country and beyond. I am contesting this election for the 23rd Seanad as an candidate for the NUI Constituency. Feel free to read some biographical information

While the main reason for deciding to contest these elections is that as a UL graduate I, like many others, not allowed to vote in the Seanad elections, that isn’t my only concern. I am seeking to draw attention to a number of other issues. Amongst them

A reversal of the imposition of residential charges on disabled adults.

A commitment to resourcing research and facilitating lifelong learning.

Broader Seanad Reform to allow all Irish citizens a vote.

Reforms to ensure consistency in sentencing and the delivery of real justice.

I’m running as an independent but doesn’t mean that I’m indifferent to the government. I’ll be straight with you, if you genuinely believe that the last ten years of government have been remotely close to the best we, as a nation, could have aimed for then I’m probably not the guy for you. We’ve had governments that have contented themselves with not rocking the boat, cabinets of mediocrity and a Taoiseach more in the mould of middle management than leadership.

I believe that we have more in our grasp that we imagine. And if we were to lift our eyes above, that we could achieve much much more.

I know that much of my views will sound like they were lifted from the script of the West Wing but would that be so bad?

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2 Responses to NUI

  1. Dermot Looney says:

    Hi Dan.

    I am seeking to contact all NUI candidates by email but cannot find an address for you.

    I would appreciate if you could post an email address here so that people like myself can get in touch with you.

    Dermot Looney

  2. Dan Sullivan says:

    Apologies the http://www.missteps/nui site has the email and mob details at the bottom on the page. I’ve updated the blog to have the mail in a more prominent position.

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