What really lies beneath

Fine Gael’s bestest friend has a new website and facebook group called Take Enda with you, aimed at getting Bertie to …well…convince or kidnap Enda Kenny into resignation – it isn’t made clear. What is peculiar is the same person never signed up to the Resign, Mr Ahern Facebook group, he reckons Bertie is a ledge and lets on to people that he has joined this Facebook group when in truth he started it. Why so coy about his motives? Where was the ResignMrAhern.com? Could it be that all this is really about providing cover to Bertie during his tribulations? Why not take Cullen with you? Or Dempsey? Or Hanafin?

Of course, it’s still a free country and people are entitled to have their opinions and express them but what actually is the opinion being expressed here? Is it really that Bertie is a ledge? A man who has more stories about multiple sums of money equivalent to half a years salary being lodged all over the place by a man who claimed to have no bank accounts. That is a ‘ledge’ in his view. Paul O’Connell is a ledge as are Mike Frank Russell and the Puck goat. Bertie is no ledge. Or put another way if telling ‘stories’ about receiving large sums of money makes you a ledge in someone’s book what does that make the one whose book it is?

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