Where is Brian Cowen?

We’ve had Eamon, Enda, Patricia, Mary Lou everyone on the box but not a sign of Brian. Will he only appear once it is all over? Is he Royston Brady Mark II, won’t come to see the voting if it is against him?

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5 Responses to Where is Brian Cowen?

  1. Eoin Brazil says:

    I bet he’s trying to figure out how he can catch some horribly contagious disease between here and next Thursday’s meeting of EU leaders ….

  2. Dan Sullivan says:

    Do you mean ‘contagious’ as in something that it will take him a really long time to recover from?

  3. Robert says:

    In fairness to Biffo, he held a press conference outside Government buildings and was then on the Six One news. What exactly were you looking for?

  4. Dan Sullivan says:

    I was talking about during the day as the results were being announced and analysed. I posted this after seeing the declaration of the results which showed Eamon Gilmore and Gerry Adams in the crowd and Enda Kenny had been interviewed at Dublin Castle just before that so he was there too. So it dawned on me that we’d seen Brian Lenihan, Michael Martin, Dermot Ahern but no sign of Brian Cowen anywhere.

  5. killian forde says:

    The only FFers I saw all day was Eoin Ryan (the invisble man during the campaign) and Noel Ahern.

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