The Government Trio

Does anyone else think that the Trio at the top of government are like teenagers left in charge of the house while their parents are abroad? They know that mundane daily tasks like the washing has to be done and they’ve even seen their parents use that square looking white machine with the nice porthole thing that lives in the utility room but they don’t really know what buttons to push or where the magic dust that you feed it lives. So they look at all the rubbish and associated problems as they pile up, shrug their shoulders and tell each other that ‘it’s so unfair!.’

Even stranger is the fact that they remind me a bit of another Trio. These Trio were by far and away the weakest Big Bad ever that the Slayer had to deal with. Still there is a resemblance, Andrew the whiny one is Mary Coughlan, Jonathon as Brian Lenihan the little one that loads of people thought was going to turn out to be on the side of the angels, while Warren is Brian Cowen.

Above Mary Couglan is on the left, Brian Lenihan in the middle and Brian Cowen on the right.

Bumbling, incompetent, ineffective. Three really ain’t the magic number.

As Tony the Hotdog Vendor in Highlander might ask, “What does incompetent mean?”

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