Frank Fahey TD should invest in a bank.

Frank Fahey TD has so many houses he should think about investing in a bank. When thinking back to the register of TD’s interests from last year, I can’t help remembering all the property Frank Fahey had and the global reach of his interests. There were apartments here and houses there, he had a hairdressing business in Russia at one point if memory serves.

And I wonder to myself that he hasn’t thought about getting himself into a bank instead of being in hock to them for so much all the time. I mean we all have to deal with the banks to finance our business but no one likes the idea of going cap in hand to them for another million or two when you’ve come across the sweetest little deal in some far off land. I hear Anglo-Irish is going cheap, I’m sure the government would let him have it for half nothing at this stage. He could even borrow the money to fund the purchase if necessary. I’m sure someone in the global financial environment that a mover and shaker like Frank moves in would be up for it.

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  1. Harry McGee says:

    A very intriguing observation Dan. Where did that spring out of? H.

  2. Dan Sullivan says:

    I was very much drawn last year to Frank and Ivor’s extensive property empires as outlined in the declaration of members interest.

    Willie O’Dea mining is probably that bit more adventurous but Frank and Ivor have some fair old substance to them. And with all this property I was thinking how tiring it might get for him handing over lots of money to the bank in loan repayments. Then it hit me what better way to milk the milch cow from both ends than to be on the other side of the loan too by having a stake in the bank itself.

  3. Paul Moloney says:

    I was only thinking about Frank myself. Funny ol’ world.

  4. Carrigaline says:

    I wonder could Frank be one step ahead of you on this one, Dan 😉

  5. Dan Sullivan says:

    Like all my financial advice I’m always the last to follow it eh!

  6. Celtic donkey says:

    Hehehehe. Dan, Frank is years ahead of you. He already owns all the banks, most of Galway, some of Limerick, probably including your house, and in fact your own body. Just check – I bet you have a tattoo saying ‘property of Frank Fahey’ on the of your foot or somewhere else you don’t look very often.

  7. Anonymous says:

    well, in Bernard Mc’s native area of North Clare its well known that he and Frank have had a lot of contact over the years………..

  8. Anonymous says:

    This may the first time I don’t ‘I blame the Parents’. ‘I blame the 45% that kept the boys in’

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