Spoofer’s guide to Lisbon Mark 2

That breaded man is back again, after bringing us the insightful yet hilarious Spoofer’s guide to the Lisbon Treaty he has returned (much like the treaty itself) with a new and improved guide to the Lisbon Treaty. It will make you laugh and cry and go “Oh! So that’s what that is for”

Read it, distribute it, mention it in polite conversation at dinner parties, write the links to the files down on the walls of public toilets.

If you’re making a choice then at least make an informed one, and if you want to be informed why not have a little fun doing it?

Sure it’s about politics, but meaningful world changing politics and not just who gets to be Mayor of Killarney this year.

PS. My reason for including the files themselves on my site is that they are a bit sizeable and it’s only reasonable that some of the rest of us share the download burden. All credit to Jason O’ Mahony, even if he was a PD at one time.

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2 Responses to Spoofer’s guide to Lisbon Mark 2

  1. Many thanks for the kind words, Mr. S.

    It’s true, I was a PD, but a nice PD. You know, in an Oskar Schindler kind of way.

  2. dsullivan says:

    No harm in that at all, now that the PDs are now more. Were it otherwise I would be doing my duty as an FGer and condemning you from a height and telling all and sundry that your works were inspired by the dark one himself.

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