How to guarantee a Yes vote for Lisbon

If the Taoiseach was 100% committed to the notion of passing the Lisbon Treaty, he would offer the people something they want. A general election. He should make a solemn promise that if the people approve Lisbon that he will go to the country in the following weeks to seek an endorsement of NAMA and his government’s budgetary position. It would remove at a stroke the potential for people to against Lisbon in order to give him and his government a kicking.

Vote yes and get a general election, Vote No and you don’t get one.

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1 Response to How to guarantee a Yes vote for Lisbon

  1. Senan says:

    I would also like to see a general election. The current government (Brian Lenihan aside I think) has lost all credibility. But in fairness I think that now would be the wrong time. We’ve enough on our plate with NAMA, Lisbon, and budget. A Spring election is the best we can hope for. Having said that, a ‘No’ vote to Lisbon might expedite the matter!

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