Lisbon Poll – How will you vote on October 2nd?

This is a poll to gauge public opinion on the Lisbon Treaty.

It has been set up to block repeat voting by means of IP and cookies so may cause issues for some. PollDaddy are tracking that not me.

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33 Responses to Lisbon Poll – How will you vote on October 2nd?

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  2. Qu1zMaster says:

    I voted no last time and that should have been respected. That’s reason enough to vote no, before we even get stuck into the issues.

  3. Senan says:

    I didn’t vote at all the last time. I agree that the last vote should have been respected, especially given that we’re essentially voting on the same document again. Having said that, when I make my mark on Friday it will be for ‘Yes’ as I’m totally dillusioned with our own governments ability (including the opposition), and so I think it may be no harm if the EU can exert more power over us. I don’t buy into the notion that their influence will be overbearing and I think that the efficiencies introduced will help things. We’ve needed the EU for a long time, since CAP. Now, despite the fact that we have progressed, we need them even more.

  4. Pleace vote for democracy and against the treaty of lisbon

    Dear irish people!

    Pleace stop the treaty of lisbon! Is is antidemocartic, militaristic, antisocial. The disadvantages are much bigger, than the advantages. The EU can live with its actuell laws. They should only be changed into a democratic direction. With the treaty of lisbon, the european council is able to change this treaty in great parts without asking the parliament. This is nearly the same law, which mades the nationl- rassistic- party of Germany so powerfull in our country in the year 1933. Our basic law (the german constitution) and all other european constitutions should not be replaced by the treaty of lisbon. But the new treaty tries to bring all right- sytstems in a lower level than the new european right. Here is my informationpage: . When you have some more english information, pleace send me a link or text or write it into the visitors book of my page. And pleace spread this text all over Ireland.

    In the hope in your activities for a better Europe, Felix Staratschek, Freiligrathstr. 2, D- 42477 Radevormwald (Germany)

  5. Dave B. says:

    Democracy was disrespected the last time and IMO European integration has gone far enough. It also goes without saying that our government are inept but I for one trust European politicians even less. I will vote no for sure.

  6. zenno says:

    i’m voting no again, i have my reasons and am not going into detail again over this. all i can say to people is make sure you vote whether it’s yes or no. the yes side are panicking at the moment even if you can’t see it. i recon it will be around the same results as last time but with a few more people voting no.

  7. Blaž Babič says:

    All those who tend to vote Yes on the grounds that their national (Irish) government is “incompetent” (and saying a lie that EU structure is “competent”) may be gently reminded to return to the kindergarten and stay there for they not know how to run their lives anyway. Someone else will do it for them…

  8. Keith says:

    We shouldn’t be voting on Lisbon again. We should be voting on whether we should be in the EU or not since that is what the no campaigners are really about. At least that would of framed the debate more honestly.

  9. I am voting no and did so last time. I had voted yes in the 2 Nice referenda and the Amsterdam one. Lisbon will not help the economy. Since Spain voted yes, their economy has collapsed and their unemployment has doubled. We lose the veto on FDI under Article 207 TFEU, and that will be used to impose changes on Ireland’s incentives for multinationals to set up here. Also, Article 311 TFEU will allow the European Council to impose Europe-wide taxes. The ‘guarantees’ are worthless because they are not in the Treaties. We do not have “protocols” – merely the promise of them in a future Treaty. Promises are a debased currency where FF are concerned. If Micheal “end waiting lists in 2 years” Martin tells you it’s good for the economy then you should be suspicious. The IDA say that in 2008, FDI actually rose 14%. In the year up to April, Irish exports rose 5%, compared to a drop of 29% in Germany. The Charter of Fundamental Rights will override the Irish Constitution, as all EU law does. Article 6 TEU says it will have “the same legal value as the Treaties”.

  10. Thorse says:

    The laws in Europe were put together a long time ago and need to updated since Europe and the world have changed.

    To people who say “I voted no the last time and that should have been respected”, what do you think here? That it wasn’t respected?That because you voted no, all of Europe should jush shrug and give up forever? Get real. Europe needs to move with the times and it will, that’s all this is really about.

  11. Longman Oz says:

    The noble sport of poking paranoid cranks and xenophobic loop-de-loops with sharpened sticks has been fun. However, it is now time to get serious and deliver a “yes” vote for a better run Europe! 🙂

  12. Well Thorse, the French and Dutch peoples also voted no. The Czech and Polish presidents have not signed Lisbon. So we are not alone. And the EU rules say that no treaty comes into force unless every country says “yes”. Wolfgang Munchau, a leading supporter of the Treaty, was on Newstalk “Breakfast” this morning where he admitted that Ireland would not be isolated if we voted no.

  13. Teri says:

    Dear fellow human beings voting on Oct 2.


    Ireland already voted. And their response was a clear NO. The fact that it was the “wrong” vote should make you angry. And stick to your original choice. Vote NO!

    “The 2008 U.S. presidential elections have demonstrated how important it is that the people have the right to terminate the rule of a regime that no longer represents their interests.
    However, the Lisbon Treaty would exclude such a possibility for the people of Europe – for this and all future generations.
    Moreover, the Lisbon Treaty opens up the governance of Europe to corporate interests and eliminates the basic principles of democracy”.

    @FutureTaoiseach….The Dutch people, dear friend, were STRIPPED of their right to vote. NOBODY in HOlland voted. And i’m sure this is the same in other countries. If this is not fascism, then I am not sure what is.



  14. A vote for Lisbon is a vote for Blair, most likely…but we should be positioning ourselves to receive credit for that

  15. M Collins says:

    We must vote Yes. We are perfectly entitled to vote No, and to feel that it is the correct thing to do. Unfortunately, the “powers that be” in the Commission and in our fellow member states equally have a right to extract some form of revenge on Ireland if we vote No. Just because this would be an outrageous and unfair reaction to our exercise of democracy doesn’t mean it wouldn’t happen. We regularly accept being coerced into doing things we feel are wrong, just because the consequences would otherwise be too painful. The world is not a fair place, but accepting this fact is a sign of maturity.

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  17. One Man says:

    It’s in your hands, guys, and it’s a terrible weight (we know):

    History is a hard job for those who make it.

  18. zenno says:

    it is not a terrible weight on me i’m voting no period. i couldn’t bloody care less what people say. god i am worn out listning to cowen, lenihan, and the rest of the yay sayers. as is know lisbon does nothing at all for irelands economic recovery and nothing in the treaty says anything about creating jobs or jobs for that matter. it’s a huge kneedle that the government are using to stick in people if they vote no. all lies from the yes camp and this yes camp has being saying the same crap over and over since the first lisbon debate. VOTE NO on oct 2nd we don’t need lisbon and never will we are in the eu and will always be in the eu but lisbon is a bad deal especially for the working class.

  19. Yes, i totally agree with One Man: History is a hard job for those who make it. It wouldn´t be any new history if you vote yes, though. It would be just an old dialog of a humankind, an old dialog where a fuzzy (not really clear) LAW would be accepted.

    Isn´t it a funny thing that some smart people (they should be as they are very honorable persons, right?) aren´t able to do a simple thing like a LAW as a clear statement for everyone?

    That a LAW made by these honorable and smart people has to be unclear for everyone? That we need a jugde to determine what that LAW actually says? That LAW that is so tricky that it takes A LOT TO UNDERSTAND IT thoroughly. About a very simple subject of the common interest of (just) the whole population and future of EU?

    What do you really think about this all? I have no words to tell my true feelings about this whole issue. I really have no words for the people who would vote yes for this “treat” just because they are too lazy to understand the whole picture? That Lisbon Treaty is made to be fuzzy as hell for a purpose! What is that purpose? Happiness and Joy for the whole EU?

    ..think again.. think really hard.. don´t be fooled that a LAW can´t be clear about it´s own context that determines our lives in EU.

    That LAW can easily be clear but only if it´s made by the right people. This time we had the totally wrong ones when making it because it´s not clear. Trust me on this one and you will make NEW HISTORY!

    And i, who do not drink very much alcohol, will drink the whole night with you. Even beer that i truly hate!!!

  20. truthisfree says:

    It is pathetic being asked to vote a second time!

  21. gergi says:

    The eu should do it’s job and kick out the irish,brits and czechs!
    It must be over with them ruining our europe!

  22. braveheart says:

    I would like you to know that all European countries are struggleing (at least their average citizens) and the only cause of that they do not have control over their own life and destiny.
    If you do not stop this treaty then there is no one left to do that. And wityh that treaty you and all EU countries are loosing whatever independence they had left.
    Please, say no!
    You may see difficulties coming but you will keep control over your own life and that means hope. Hope to make a change when you need it. A chance to live free. And that is more important than anything else. Life without freedom is simple meaningless existance. Sheeps are fed and sheltered as well but they ultimately slaughtered after all.
    Please, say no!

  23. johnjohn says:

    Lads and girls, this is the most important vote we’ve ever undertaken. When we cut out all the bull on both sides the issue is a simple one. we are being asked to dilute our democracy.
    Im not a raging nationalist, but i’m conscious that our freedom and democracy were hard won, and paid for with the blood of our ancestors. We hold that democracy in trust for our kids. It is not ours to throw away. It’s easy to take it for granted, having grown up with it, but without democracy we have nothing.
    Power to the people. No to Lisbon.
    By the way, I voted Yes last time in my ignorance, but this second vote angered me enough to educate myself on this issue, and its rotten to the core.
    Finally, Its all well and good commenting on here, but if the polls are half way right then we need to do more. I turned 3 yes voters last night (the mother, the aunt and the sister). all three are now solid NOs. Thats the thing with the yes vote, Its based on the fear tactics of our party politicians, and most people I’ve spoken to on that side are very lukewarm about it.
    Get ye’re phones out and call your people. This thing is going to be a lot closer than our illustrious government thinks.

  24. Fidelma says:

    i would love you to attach this to face book… get more coverage

  25. dsullivan says:

    There is a poll on Facebook on the topic of the Treaty already, and polling closes here tomorrow morning in advance of the actual polls opening.

  26. Germain says:

    Dear irish people. Despite all the pressure you should Vote NO as you did once before. Lisbon will make the EU more democratic? Nope, they dont give a penny for democracy. Especially when its outcome does not please em. I not think we should accept that this world isnt fair but think we rather shoud stand up for our rights. I can say that im desperate, really. That’s why i have bought two irish car flags. If the miracle happens that you reject this high treason again, i promise to drive my car with these two flags from october 2 until silverster 2010 for every german to see my thankfulness for the irish patriots. God bless..

  27. Mika Björkman says:

    This is the real reason for this EU vote..

  28. Mika Björkman says:

    They are afraid of it in EU! That´s why they are doing everything they can to pressure you and all of us into this ridiculous Lisbon Treaty now when they think that they have all the power in the world. Well, they don´t!

    We, the people here in Finland, are doing our best in taking our own government down because of some serious issues in our society and i truly hope that we could jump into the new life style once and for all, at last!

    Spread the word! Let´s change Europe! Let´s do it!

    This old life style can´t continue like this anymore! It´s too ridiculous!

  29. Mika Björkman says:

    I understand that this depression is a man made and you know why?

    Because our own government did nothing to stop it, nothing at all!

    If you can convince me that your own governments did everything they could to stop the depression then i´m wrong about this. Otherwise i believe it myself and i´m not too pleased about it!

  30. edwin says:

    I hope with all my heart that all irish say no. Unfortunatly since I am migrated to ireland from the netherlands, i am not allowed to say no. Our government didn’t respect the voice of the people and ratified it lateron again without consent of the rest of the nation. You still have the democracy that your government allows you to vote twice (although that is already ridiculous. NO = NO) but DON’T GIVE IRISH DEMOCRACY TO EUROPE, since you can see how democratically it is France said no – no revote possible, same as the netherlands. Germany no vote at all… How about a democratic Europe – perhaps they mean DEMONcratic.

  31. Alex says:

    Well, folks, from looking at the statistics at the top I would say they do not seem to reflect the actual opinion do they? An overwhelming NO seems to be the actual opinion, thats right, no, no, no NO NO!
    Still no point in endlessly debating on the net, we must get out and vote….

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