They’re burning our beards!

Reading the reports that the BBC are pressuring Adrian Chiles (he has a brother goes by the name of Voodoo) to remove his recently grown beard I’m given to wonder what it is that people have against them. Let’s face it, it’s entirely natural for man to have hair on their faces. In many cultures the lack of facial hair marks your continued membership of the boy kingdom, only with a proper whispery top lip can you partake of the more manly pursuits like taking out the bins and the unclogging of drains.

It’s entirely natural for man to have hair on their faces, it’s the shaving of them that’s unnatural. I’m not comparing it to the binding of feet, but has many of the same elements of conformity to it. And it stings, no one tells you about the stings.

It is even possible if highly unlikely that this is part of a plot because only one gender can really grow beards. But given the range of dos and what not that woman are allowed get away with in regard to their barnets it is remarkable that the merest hint of hair on mail face and people are up in arms (the showing of pits optional). Let Adrian have his beard if he wants it.

In the Irish context, I’m even of the view that it has hampered the electoral prospects of such giants as Jason O’Mahony and even yours truly. How long will the new growth sprouted by Fionnan Sheehan on Vincent Browne’s show last evening last?

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