Err in haste, repent at leisure – Brian Cowen and the DDDA

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It’s a matter which got lost in the hubbub yesterday evening but according to a thread on Phil Hogan has seen “The Minutes of DDDA Board meetings show that, in October 2006, it took then Finance Minister Brian Cowen just 21 days to grant a loan extension to the DDDA.”

So might this apparent ‘haste’ and perhaps the absence of any documentary back up of say advice from civil servants suggesting that this deal represented good value for money for the taxpayer, involving as it did a partnership with developers who might be viewed by some as a long standing donors/supporters (from what I recall) to/of FF, be the aspect of the report that Deirdre deBurca thinks is the smoking gun? Tomorrow’s Dáil session should be interesting at least.

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  1. Harry McGeea says:

    I was away on hols and missed that in the newspapers, Dan. I don’t think Deirdre de Burca knew the details of the DDDA report, but believe that John Gormley would not have the power nor the muscle to act on it.

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