A 3-way Leader’s debate in Ireland

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With the first of the series of the Uk’s three PM debates on UTV tonight it appears not to have occurred to anyone here that if the polls in Ireland were to remain remotely like they are now that we would have to host a 3-way style debate too. If Labour were over 20% and FF on about 25% with FG over 30% and were all 3 parties were running enough candidates to get an overall majority then it would be almost impossible for RTe or anyone else to refuse the right of the Labour party’s leader to participate. Hell, it could even be that FF would be in third place and we’d be treated to a head to head with just Eamonn and Enda.

At least it would see an end to the desk, and perhaps podium or high stool based delivery.

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1 Response to A 3-way Leader’s debate in Ireland

  1. Tipster says:

    Heh. And now it looks like the problem wouldn’t be RTE refusing, but more likely the parties refusing (albeit, to a more complicated model than a straightforward debate).

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