The laziness of the near distance paint bomber

So someone believed to be an elected public rep, Eirigi councilor Louise Minihan, throws a paint bomb at Mary Harney and this is supposed to be a mark of that the wider public is thinking. Really, this self serving publicity stunt is somehow reflective of public opinion? If it is reflective of anything it’s the inablity of public reps to do the thing that they claim they are able to do and for which they are paid by the taxpayer. Engage in rational argument and convince the public that their view is the right one.

It’s not like she bested Mary Harney in a heated public debate and by doing so convinced the public that the minister’s course of action is wrong while hers is right. It’s a publicity stunt, pure and simple. It’s not like it would be that hard to take apart the minister’s approach to the health service and to highlight the various failures that she has presided over. And of course we have the usual ‘opinion formers’ who run to the front of the mob so that they might be seen to lead it.

Naturally we must accept that as a former member of SF it’s not like the cllr is  exactly opposed in principle to the throwing of bombs of various types as a substitute for rational argument. Still one would hope that someone paid to represent the views of the public would be able to articulate their message more than the average toddler.

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  1. Deirdre says:

    Well articulated Dan, my sentiments exactly. Anyone who thinks this is in some way constructive is fooling themselves. Mass protests are constructive because they demonstrate some kind of democracy but this is one ‘loony lefty’ giving other ‘lefties’ a bad name. As you say, it’s pretty easy to defeat Harney on policy arguments, and Minihan has been elected and given a platform to do this. Instead she engages in a pointless and immature protest you wouldn’t see at a students’ union rally. Whatever about charges, I hope Harney sends her the dry-cleaning bill.

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