Why not have a FG Lab budget before the election?

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Why is the government persisting with this idea that it has to be their budget or nothing? Why don’t FF and the Greens announce they are delaying the vote on the Budget by 2 weeks, allow FG and Labour free access to the full figures that the department of Finance are working with, and let FG and Labour  introduce a slimmed down budget that they can agree on, and FF and the Greens simply  abstain on this budget vote. If the government has a majority as they keep saying they do then they should introduce their own budget and live or die by it. This notion, being peddled by the media in particular some RTe presenters, that FG or Labour should support measures that they had no hand, act or in deciding on in a like it or lump vote is a joke. We never saw the great mass of the media, in RTe or elsewhere, suggesting in 1987 or 1982 that FF must vote for the FG/Labour budgets or else.

We would get a budget that was in the national interest and didn’t have all sorts of ridiculous commitments that neither FG nor Labour could live with for the next 5 years. And tell the ECB if they want to save the Euro then the major European banks that lent to Irish banks need to realise their losses on their loans ASAP.

Those who lent money to Irish private institutions were handsomely rewarded with high interest payments for their risk and that risk to their principle has now to be realised. They lent money to banks operating in Ireland not to Ireland herself. Let them take their losses and learn their lesson that we should “Neither a borrower nor a lender be; For loan oft loses both itself and friend, And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.”

The sooner those losses are properly realised on corporate balance sheets the sooner the fear of the unknown will be removed as a factor in Europe’s decision making. That’s how you stop a fire spreading by realising what is lost, not by going back in to bring out burning embers to rest in places that are at risk of fire.
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