A minor but significant polling point to consider.

Fianna Failure

So with the RTE exit poll published of FG 36.1 Lab 20.5%, FF 15.1, SF, 10.1%, Greens 2.7% Others 15.5.

There is a minor change in the party order that could be significant in terms of seats never before has the greatest party been so far ahead but also as transfer receptive to one of the other two big vote getters. FF traditionally got 40% or thereabouts but FG were there between them and Labour to soak up transfers. This time FF are behind Labour but unlikely to transfer in sufficient numbers for Labour candidates to catch FG candidates while Labour are also transferring to FG where the contest is being FG and FF. So don’t be surprised if the 36% instead of giving the mid to low 70s that some are predicting starts to creep back up closer to 80 seats by tomorrow morning.

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