The technicalities of technical groups

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It would seem to me that the ULA, SF and FF will be able to form technical groups meaning 3 responding to the government, and perhaps a group made up of former FFers (Healy-Rea,Fleming, Mattie Mcgrath, Joe Behan (if he squeezes back in), Grealish, ) and others. And maybe the right and populist independents might sort out something.

All of which will have the effect of watering down FF’s reactions. Also, I’m not sure of the protocol but just who is the official leader of the opposition is it the leader of the largest party or the person who gets the next highest vote for Taoiseach? Cos that could be Gerry Adams.

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  1. steve white says:

    journoo saying earlier on
    Under Dáil rules there can only be one ‘Technical Group’ in the Dáil, which must have a minimum of 7 members #ge11!/RTE_Elections/status/41634569371254784

    so party groups and 1 left technical group?

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