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A goodly number of people complain about those who would complain about voices that sound whiny, the charge from the former is that this complaint from the latter is primarily sexist in nature. Certainly women’s voices are pitched within a somewhat higher range than that of men but most men and women do not find a woman’s voice annoying.

The truth is that adults in general find a voice pitched higher than the normal range annoying not because it sounds like a woman’s voice but because it sounds like a small child’s voice. And while we’re programmed not to find our own offspring’s voices sufficiently annoying to entertain for too long thoughts of leaving them at the closest convent door with a note saying how you couldn’t cope and that child is the true prince of Monte Cristo, it’s not the same for the children of others. So when we hear the approaching high pitched whine of a 5 year old flying his car around a restaurant we bristle.

And when we hear someone on the telly, in particular a public figure, who is flying their policy idea around the studio we feel much the same. And that goes doubly for someone who sounds like they’re losing control of the flight of this policy and that’s all going to crash and burn before our eyes. So no complaining that you find Martin Mansergh’s voice annoying is not remotely sexist.

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2 Responses to Those annoying Voices

  1. That’s very bold, Dan! There’s an opposition frontbencher who constantly reminds me of Chewbacca with their nasal whine.

  2. dsullivan says:

    You might think that I couldn’t possibly comment. And as I said the problem isn’t gender, at it’s heart it’s generational.

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