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So as the campaigns draws to its final close, I’m going to start as I meant to go on with respect to my spending. Whether I get to go on with this is up to the voters and we should have a clearer idea in 48 hours or so. I’m not going to hide stuff that I believe should be in the public domain from all candidates for all elections.

My campaign spending.

Printing my leaflets cost €1,304. The distribution costs were borne by you the taxpayer. My apologies for that, I had suggested in 2007 that a single booklet for all the candidates would be a cheaper and fairer alternative in future but those with the money to spend didn’t appreciate the sentiment. After all, if they had loads of cash to create 4 page A4 booklets why should you the taxpayer foot the delivery bill.

I allotted a portion of my resources towards Ads on Facebook and to date that comes to about €135 getting at last count 1,883,572 impressions. I did experiment more with this and did allow the budget to spiral for a few days before capping it at a more realistic figure.

I allotted a portion of my resources towards Google Ads to date that comes to €14.57 on getting just over 18,000 impressions.

I allotted a portion of my resources to specific Website advertising to date that comes to around €80. I’m not sure of the number of impressions but I have gotten hundreds of people clicking through.

And that’s it. Roughly €1,500 all told. We will only know later in the week if I got value for money.

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  1. CouldntVote says:

    Thanks for doing this.

  2. dsullivan says:

    I’ve probably give myself a broom to be beaten with and created a template that other can use in the future but why not.

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