The Curious Bias of the Vincent Browne Seanad shows

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So the election coverage for the Seanad is pretty much done, for another election cycle, and perhaps forever. All that is left now is the whining, the cribbing and the moaning about how we were all done wrong, and how we could have been great if only we’d had a fair shake of the lollipop. Oh and there is some counting of votes to be done too. I’m going to start the ball rolling with this minor crib.

Vincent Browne had a 5/6 week period in which he gave coverage to some of the NUI and TCD Seanad candidates. And a curious thing struck me today when I bothered to take the time look at just who he had featured on his show during that time. The list is below


Dermot Frost (Dublin based Labour party member)

William Priestly (Dublin born but working on Limerick Regeneration project. Grandson of JB Priestley?*)

Marc Coleman (Dublin based radio presenter)

Maeve Cox (Dublin based, daughter of Valerie Cox?, a reporter with Pat Kenny Radio show*)


Paddy Healy (Dublin based, former TUI President)

Paul Lynam (Dublin based FFer, UCD SU President)

Regina O’Connor (Brussel based FFer)

Donncha O’Connell (Galway based lecturer, Labour member)

John Crown (Dublin based oncologist)

Eoin O’broin (Dublin based SF candidate)

Helen Keogh (Dublin former PD Oireachtas member, now FG member)

Outside of that period, he had on, on more than one occasion, Linda O’Shea Farren (proving that gauche funding raising for politicians doesn’t harm you in the eyes of Vincent Browne so long as they are the right sort of politician.)

And the other characteristic was none of them were interested in seeing the Seanad abolished no matter what it better overall political set up it might lead to, which left Vincent free to be the one to argue for its abolition.

So the question is begged, is TV3 a Dubliners only station? Only one of the those interviewed was a culchie from culchie land, that being Donncha O’Connell. And he managed to squeeze in 2 FFers compared to 2 Labour, 1 SF and nearly a whole  Fine Gaeler. So much for even the appearance of balance, and Vincent has the gall to complain about Fine Gael not sending people to the show.

* I hear rumours, I don’t always believe them but I hear them.

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5 Responses to The Curious Bias of the Vincent Browne Seanad shows

  1. Gary says:

    Your description of where the candidates hail from is incorrect – Maeve Cox is from and lives in Wicklow.

  2. dsullivan says:

    That you didn’t correct the other part of the description would appear to confirm that she is Valerie Cox’s daughter.

  3. Desmond says:

    And, what’s your point? Owing to her mother’s profession should she not be allowed to run for the Seanad?

  4. dsullivan says:

    The point was that those interviewed were almost all from Dublin or perhaps I should have expanded that out to include the Pale. And evidently having contacts in the media is no harm in overcoming the Dublin centric nature of the TV3 selection. Or do you think it not peculiar that out of 12/13 candidates on Vinb’s panels only one was an out and out culchie?

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