Why An Taoiseach should appoint two Green Senators


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I believe that An Taoiseach Enda Kenny should appoint two Green party members as Senators, There are two sets of reasons for doing this, one of generosity and an interest in having as diverse a political discourse  as possible and the rather more Machiavellian (at least I’m honest about my devious political mind).

I believe that the Greens have been disproportionately blamed for going into government with FF, we forget that the option of doing a deal with FG and Labour in 2007 wasn’t there as Labour failed to make any gains. And while I think they got a weak deal from FF they did probably feel that this might represent their best chance of getting their policies implemented in the short term.

And we can’t escape the fact that most of the problems were created long before the Greens were in power. Certainly the Greens in cabinet bear some responsiblity for the bank guarantee but let’s face it whatever stop gap had been implemented at the time wouldn’t have stopped the collapse of the property market.

I also believe that the policies of the new government should be tested from all sides and I strongly believe that they will stand up to those tests so they have nothing to fear from as many an alternative opinions being present in the Oireachtas. Frankly, leaving the opposition to FF who still can’t admit they did anything wrong, and SF who can’t admit that any government in Irish history has ever done anything right is to leave us ill served.

The more devious reason is that it adds to the mix on the opposition benches and doesn’t allow FF, SF, the ULA and the independents the chance to corner the market and it would remind the Labour party that there is a left leaning progressive party still out there that can appeal to the middle classes.

I would suggest Dan Boyle and Trevor Sargent but he could appoint others instead. Neither Dan Boyle nor Trevor Sargent will likely be challengers to FG seats in either Cork South Central or Dublin North come the next election.

Will Enda Kenny do this? I’ve no idea but I think he should give it some consideration at least.

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  1. Interesting idea. It would help fragment the opposition a bit and hopefully take the sting out of the tail of certain elements. It could backfire in peoples minds though. Esp if he appoints Dan Boyle who has failed to be elected now on two occasions. Trevor Sargent would be a good choice considering how he seems to be a politician of standing and willing to take the consequences of his actions. For example he resigned as leader when he took the greens in to power with FF and he resigned when there were suggestions he acted improperly. I hope he does get appointed.

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