Towards a Just Society – the actual document

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In recent times there has much disccusion about a document from the 1960s, written by the recently deceased Declan Costello called Towards a Just Society. Yet the document itself is very hard to get one’s hands on, indeed I was unable to find anywhere on-line. So as is my wont I went digging, in my search I was helpfully directed to the national library by Ciara Meehan who provided the call no for the document itself.

So I went along to the national library last week, checked out the original pamphlet, got photocopies made of the pages and then scanned the photocopies once I was back at home and after some editing I have a reasonably readable e-copy of the document. This linked pdf is an e-copy of the actual text of the Just Society document. I can also upload the docx if people are interested in that.

I have revised it somewhat to ensure the layout matches the original document in so far as I could.

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  2. Tom Laverty says:

    I would be interested to read it. Heard about it.

  3. dsullivan says:

    Tom, the pdf document is linked to in the post above.

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