TCD Vote Predictions – Final

Warning: Below is a current assessment as of March 29th 2022 of where it appears the candidates are likely to finish up on the first count. The entrails used to make this determination were all organically fed and lived free range until their timely demise in service of a greater good.

All wagers made on the basis of this projection is at the reader’s own risk. Your mileage may vary.

At this point, it seems like the gap to Clonan might be too large to bridge but it still remains in the lap of the transfers and Gaffney and Quill moreso than MacNeill stands to benefit most from those.

Tom Clonan237120.51%
Hugo MacNeill197417.01%
Maureen Gaffney185215.96%
Ursula Quill118910.25%
Patricia McKenna8267.12%
Ray Bassett6895.94%
Hazel Chu6245.38%
Catherine Stocker5674.89%
Sadhbh O’Neill3653.15%
Gisèle Scanlon2281.97%
Michael McDermott1751.51%
Ade Oluborode1601.38%
Eoin Barry1491.28%
Aubrey McCarthy1461.26%
Abbas Ali O’Shea1150.99%
Paula Roseingrave740.64%
Ryan Alberto Ó Giobiúin540.47%

The projection from 3 weeks ago is available here and the rationale for these projections is here. Your view may well differ but at least I’m putting my potential mistakes out there.

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