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Convert % of bank deposits into Bank Equity?

Could we, overnight, convert a % of deposits into equity for the banks? Or is this simply a bonkers notion? Say 2.5% of all deposits under €20,000 which was the previous limit up to September 2008 and say 5% from … Continue reading

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Leave that man alone!

Jaysus that post has grown all kinds of legs, and appears to be scuttling across the world and dragging all kinds of folks here from far and wide. So for the record I want to say this I believe in … Continue reading

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Did he ask or did they tell?

The Taoiseach Brian Cowen has stated that no government minister is involved in the €300 million loan for share purchase in Anglo-Irish bank. How does he know this, did he ask them or did they tell him, or has he … Continue reading

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Frank Fahey TD should invest in a bank.

Frank Fahey TD has so many houses he should think about investing in a bank. When thinking back to the register of TD’s interests from last year, I can’t help remembering all the property Frank Fahey had and the global … Continue reading

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