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Battlestar speculation

I think that a resurrection hub or hyper/sub space connection to a particular type of resurrection hub close to Kobol or the colonies or even on one of the Colonial worlds is in orbit around the earth or maybe even … Continue reading

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So it seems the Final Cylon is

someone who falls broadly under my initial prediction though it would appear I was wrong as the specific instance. Or at least that is what we’re lead to believe. Avoid clicking the link above if you don’t wish to be … Continue reading

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Battlestar – Irish Government cross over episode

It’s not hilarious I admit but it’s more a test of what might be possible once the telly card comes out of the plastic wrapping and into the maw of the machine.

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And the final cylon is…

Admiral Cain! Seriously, wouldn’t that just kick that part of the body that is in most contact with the couch. It is only a guess mind. My guess, all my guess. And entirely consistent with my view that the final … Continue reading

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The final Cylon

I’ve been thinking about what would be the most unexpected thing to do with the final Cylon and what occurred to me is that all the speculation is focused on the living. So why couldn’t the final Cylon be someone … Continue reading

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What is better than Gaius Baltar?

Why double Gaius of course! I think the sign for the deep end must have been some way back, cos the place he has gone in off is way beyond deep. “She’s a sexy lady”

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