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Will Bertie be there?

So with the not unexpected announcement that pairs will be offered by FG only for those government TDs on actual proper business for the state, in this case the trip to China, the arithmetic for Wednesday’s Dail vote on the … Continue reading

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My Lovely Horse and Bertie

From the people who brought you Bert and Tim’s Bogus Finances, a new musical spectacular is to grace our screens as Bertie and a lucky, very lucky member of the equine family star in ‘My Effing Lovely Horse’. A story … Continue reading

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What really lies beneath

Fine Gael’s bestest friend has a new website and facebook group called Take Enda with you, aimed at getting Bertie to …well…convince or kidnap Enda Kenny into resignation – it isn’t made clear. What is peculiar is the same person … Continue reading

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Minster for Defence channels Colonel Abrams

The Limerick Post has a real contender for Photo of the year for this article. Seems like the minster for Defence is channelling semi one hit wonder Colonel Abrams Oh, oh he’s trapped.

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And we’re back!

After the little problem earlier, has returned by means of a trip to the home of President G.W. Bush (oh God what have we done!) In other news, legal action is to be take against people pubs discussing the … Continue reading

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Pi.e has gone off-line this afternoon and one wonders if the legal notice regarding a matter tangential to the Tribunals is being used by members or representatives of Fianna Fail as a means to prevent any and all discussion for … Continue reading

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What are we voting on: Lisbon or Bertie?

Back during the Irish general election in May of 2007 we, as voters, were repeatedly asked to suspend judgement on the Taoiseach’s financial dealings. Yet since the election result we’ve had practically every government representatives tell us that the election … Continue reading

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What else could FF have done with that 30 grand?

Paying back money is a complicated business at the best of times. Most of us lending a tenner to a mate would simply expect the tenner back at some point but were we to lend the same person a few … Continue reading

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