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The upcoming bloodbath of Mount St

Image via Wikipedia As the prospect of securing a return to government recedes and the race for the succession gathers pace, the role of the Mount st insiders and where their loyalties lie could lead to a chaotic situation in … Continue reading

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Fianna Fail’s real electoral nightmare – Part 1

Image via Wikipedia The real nightmare for Fianna Fail at the next general election is not losing power, it’s not even whether they end up losing 20 or even 30 seats. It is that the wrong people will end up … Continue reading

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Is Brian Lenihan off his game?

I suppose someone at some point has to ask the awful question but this incident whereby the government forgot to oppose a Labour party amendment to the Finance bill and following on from the manner of his defence of Willie … Continue reading

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Local Elections Predictions – 2009

I think that the share of the national vote will be as follows FF will get 25% FF will get 33%, Greens 3% Labour15% SF 8% Independents 15 I think that FF will stay just over the 250 seat mark. … Continue reading

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Compelling audience contribution from Michael O’Brein on Questions and Answers re: the Ryan Commission Report on Child Abuse

We had a pretty compelling and some might say damning contribution from abuse victim and former FF councillor Michael O’Brien on Questions and Answers last night.Q&A May 25th I had wanted to write something more to go with this last … Continue reading

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Maire Hoctor – Not ready for Prime Time

Regular readers will know that I’ve a certain view of Maire Hoctor TD based on my continuing astonishment that she is a minister for state. Following on from her contribution to the Oireachtas, her performance on Prime Time should be … Continue reading

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Playing a long game

The FF Ard Fheis with the strong television presence of various young candidates got me thinking about FF’s future; they do have one you know just as FG had one in 2002. It is just all too tempting for most … Continue reading

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Frank Fahey, Ivor Callely and our moral bankruptcy

Like many the home owner wondering if that leather corner piece was such a good idea, I am as curious as I am admiring of the bravery of Oireachtas members who have built up such extensive property empires in these … Continue reading

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Time for Labour/FG to talk to John Gormley directly and cut a deal

By now most people have seen the results of the opinion poll from the MRBI published in the Irish Times. Moving beyond the mere numbers, it is clear that the government does not have the support of the public to … Continue reading

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Beverly Cooper Flynn – because she’s not worth it.

A bit of storm (composed of unsavoury farmyard material) has blown up over the weekend concerning the revelation that Deputy Flynn (FF) will receive an allowance of almost 50K per year because she was elected as an independent deputy in … Continue reading

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