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Local Elections Predictions – 2009

I think that the share of the national vote will be as follows FF will get 25% FF will get 33%, Greens 3% Labour15% SF 8% Independents 15 I think that FF will stay just over the 250 seat mark. … Continue reading

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Time for Labour/FG to talk to John Gormley directly and cut a deal

By now most people have seen the results of the opinion poll from the MRBI published in the Irish Times. Moving beyond the mere numbers, it is clear that the government does not have the support of the public to … Continue reading

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RED C poll numbers for Oct 26th 2008

FF 26% down ten percent, FG up 5 to 33%, Labour up 5% to 15, SF on 10%, Greens on 6% PDs on 2% and others on 8%. Those numbers if true, and given the source I’m strongly inclined to … Continue reading

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Lisbon:Lisboa – the aftermath Part 1

It’s likely we’re going to be picking over the consequences and causes of the treaty defeat for weeks perhaps even months. I’m going to have a quick start here but no doubt I’ll revisit it in more detail and with … Continue reading

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Crewe and Nantwich

As is my wont from time to time, I poke my nose in the politics of other countries. I don’t spend any money on influencing the outcome but I do like to watch. So the by-election in Crewe and Nantwich … Continue reading

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