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Unpopular decisions aren’t necessarily right.

I find it odd that government representatives appear to believe that the mere fact that a decision is unpopular is somehow proof of how right and appropriate it is. A wrong decision can be unpopular just as easily as a … Continue reading

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What if McCreevy had continued to extend medical card threshold?

I mentioned yesterday that I’d take a look at a counter factual where instead of abolishing income as a factor for the allocation of medical cards to those over 70 that the minister of finance had simply continued to aggressively … Continue reading

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There’s a hole in the budget, dear Brian. A hole!

So it seems the threshold for the over 70s medical card is to be raised again. And FF (or the cabinet at the very least) must be hoping that this will lower the temperature enough that they can get through … Continue reading

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Will Bertie be there?

So with the not unexpected announcement that pairs will be offered by FG only for those government TDs on actual proper business for the state, in this case the trip to China, the arithmetic for Wednesday’s Dail vote on the … Continue reading

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Possibly solution to the over 70s Medical Card mess

I’m talking out of turn here, but if anyone is interested in a practical solution to the over 70s medical card fiasco, there’s my tuppence worth. I might be asking a rather obvious question here but if the GPs charge … Continue reading

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