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Doing right by the Next Generation

All too often the default position of our society to young people is to regard them as a problem and burden. We view younger people so much as a problem about which ‘something must be done’, that one would think … Continue reading

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Further detail on the Gilmore’s school sale

Image by Labour Youth via Flickr I had a gander at the Galway planning enquiry site* and it would appear from what is there that the land in question had prior conditional planning permission reference no. 03222 granted for a … Continue reading

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Of gender, jobs and quotas

Image via Wikipedia Over on political reform one of the most commented pieces in recent times concerns the description of the new Fine Gael front bench as ‘Male, stale and pale’. This description is in itself ironic given the complete … Continue reading

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I’ll be on Newstalk’s Saturday Edition in the morning

Image via Wikipedia I will be taking part in a discussion re: the week’s events in Fine Gael tomorrow morning between 8.30am and 9.30am. I’m not a main player as it were, merely a phone contributor.  Senator Alex White, Senator … Continue reading

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The end of Enda

Image via Wikipedia He has been an excellent leader of the party and has the qualities to make a great Taoiseach but the electorate have fixed in their minds a view of him that is inaccurate, not based on his performance and … Continue reading

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The rape of Martin Cullen

So Martin Cullen felt that the media scrutiny into his affairs was like being raped? Seriously, he said “It was like waking up every morning and being raped” I’m quoting from the people who were quoting him. Is that really how … Continue reading

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