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Decent, honest and honourable – it isn’t enough.

Image via Wikipedia In recent days I’ve read on p.ie and elsewhere and heard on the airwaves about people who are decent, honest and honourable and for this set of reasons should be public representatives or hold high office. One … Continue reading

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FF’s strategy for salvation

Image via Wikipedia For a good while now, I’ve thought that FF would use the next budget as a platform for the election. They would fight the election campaign on the basis of the detail of the budget and force … Continue reading

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Convert % of bank deposits into Bank Equity?

Could we, overnight, convert a % of deposits into equity for the banks? Or is this simply a bonkers notion? Say 2.5% of all deposits under €20,000 which was the previous limit up to September 2008 and say 5% from … Continue reading

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Is Brian Lenihan off his game?

I suppose someone at some point has to ask the awful question but this incident whereby the government forgot to oppose a Labour party amendment to the Finance bill and following on from the manner of his defence of Willie … Continue reading

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Budget 2010 – where do we go from here?

I think the core belief for the minister for Finance is that earnings in the private sector are already down and that the public sector earnings which are paid for from taxes levied on those private sector earnings had to … Continue reading

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