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Saving the Seanad, not bloody likely

Once again the nation was treated this week to the sights and sounds of the returning Seanad. Not that most of the population had noticed that it had been away. Various people, most of them senators of long standing, used … Continue reading

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A gender kink in political reform proposals

There is a recurring desire expressed to see more sittings of the Oireachtas moving to 4 days or even 5 days in part as a means to facilitate more family hours so that there would be less late sittings. However, this creates … Continue reading

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Did FF think their political reform proposals through at all?

Having a substitute in the Dail as suggested in the political reform segment of the FF manifesto would hardly free up a minister’s time at all, it’s not like voting in the Dail is causing them that many headaches for … Continue reading

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The upcoming bloodbath of Mount St

Image via Wikipedia As the prospect of securing a return to government recedes and the race for the succession gathers pace, the role of the Mount st insiders and where their loyalties lie could lead to a chaotic situation in … Continue reading

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Alternatives to lists and quotas to reduce clientelism and offer the electorate more diverse voting options

Image via Wikipedia Long form version of a post I have over on Political Reform. Discussion about political change, and in particular where electoral reform is concerned, tends to start by identifying a problem by examining its symptoms and then … Continue reading

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How to run a PR top up system with multi seat constituencies

Image via Wikipedia the point of multi seat constituencies is to provide the electorate with a choice not alone of party but of personnel. It is in effect a potential instant primary system. However political parties don’t see it like that and … Continue reading

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How very Gay-like

Image by infomatique via Flickr In reading the responses to George Lee’s departure from the Dáil I saw this prompt endorsement of the party leader from Gay Mitchell. It would seem Gay is interested in nailing down his position on … Continue reading

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