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Decency is only for decent people

Sir, Your columnist Una Mullaly’s piece on why we should be concerned about abuse driving people from public life has a peculiar qualification. That “Politicians themselves can only expect decency when they are decent” begs the question of who gets … Continue reading

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Some last minute predictions

It is just possible that FG might get 3 seats in Cork South West and Limerick County (if Collins FF is under 19% this is very doable), and we could see 3 FGers in Laois Offaly. My prediction from two … Continue reading

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Did FF think their political reform proposals through at all?

Having a substitute in the Dail as suggested in the political reform segment of the FF manifesto would hardly free up a minister’s time at all, it’s not like voting in the Dail is causing them that many headaches for … Continue reading

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Voting – what’s with all the secrecy?

Image by Amadeus Varadi Hellequin via Flickr When tens of thousands of citizens from the elderly to public sector workers march in protest against government policies that they had voted for, alongside colleagues who did not, is it time to … Continue reading

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How we might recognise those IMF/ECB types

How we will be able to discern the IMF/ECB types from the local business types. Huge hattip to the Lotus Musuem and of course the Boston Globe artist responsible.

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Good banks, bad banks, and costly wind-ups.

Image via Wikipedia This time one year ago the proposal from Richard Bruton, then Finance spokesperson of Fine Gael, that we should look to wind down Anglo-Irish Bank in an orderly fashion over the medium term and adopt a “Good … Continue reading

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SMS cell broadcast alert system for emergencies

Image via Wikipedia The Oireachtas Communications, Energy and Natural Resources committee has complied a report into using the cell broadcast facility in emergency situations. It’s a useful idea but then I would say that as the idea that we should … Continue reading

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An Irish liberal party – what about a progressive caucus instead

Image via Wikipedia In performing a little exercise set for me by Jason O Mahony I was given to thinking about the calls that come every once in a while from some quarters that we should have new Liberal party … Continue reading

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Let’s get Joss Whedon to write Ireland’s Eurovision entry

I was thinking about stuff yesterday and the idea occurred to me that someone who would be perfect to organise the writing of a decent tune for Ireland’s Eurovision would be Joss Whedon. Who else from outside the usual suspects … Continue reading

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A short history of the economy in 80s Ireland

I normally don’t post links to p.ie but this obviously took too much effort and is too excellent not to reach as many people as possible. Massive kudos to Edo. Full extract below but better to comment on p.ie Edo … Continue reading

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