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Budget 2010 – where do we go from here?

I think the core belief for the minister for Finance is that earnings in the private sector are already down and that the public sector earnings which are paid for from taxes levied on those private sector earnings had to … Continue reading

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AIB’s new man – it’s a bit French isn’t it?

From now on, we should incorporate a new phrase into our discourse, “that’s a bit French” meaning something so blatantly dodgy that you can’t believe that they’ve gotten away with it. Thierry Henry hand passed the ball across the goal … Continue reading

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Lisbon Poll – How will you vote on October 2nd?

This is a poll to gauge public opinion on the Lisbon Treaty. It has been set up to block repeat voting by means of IP and cookies so may cause issues for some. PollDaddy are tracking that not me.

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Why did we guarantee the bond holders?

Image by infomatique via Flickr It occurs to me in reading the broader commentary about NAMA that we, as members of the public, might be missing a trick or two. Which is easy when we’re compelled to look in the … Continue reading

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No more Green shoots in local government

the Greens have spent 2 decades building up their party piece by piece, seat by seat and after only 2 years in government with FF they have almost lost it all Continue reading

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Local Elections Predictions – 2009

I think that the share of the national vote will be as follows FF will get 25% FF will get 33%, Greens 3% Labour15% SF 8% Independents 15 I think that FF will stay just over the 250 seat mark. … Continue reading

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