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Decency is only for decent people

Sir, Your columnist Una Mullaly’s piece on why we should be concerned about abuse driving people from public life has a peculiar qualification. That “Politicians themselves can only expect decency when they are decent” begs the question of who gets … Continue reading

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Collins Institute and the future role of Fine Gael members in policy development

The recent launch or relaunch of the Collins Institute is a development in Irish politics that should be broadly welcomed. Indeed it would make sense that such efforts would receive public funding though I’d suggest more through a reallocation of … Continue reading

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Could the general election screw up the Census?

Image via Wikipedia It was noted to me the other day in conversation that there might be a small problem with having the general election in March. The thing is see, we’re going to have several thousand people knocking on … Continue reading

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Not all older people are in the same boat

There’s a new ad to defend the state pension (and all associated supports – see how they slipped that line in there). It’s slick, it tugs at the heartstrings and it will most likely be effective but it’s wrong in … Continue reading

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How might you run an election over Christmas?

The date of  budget 2010 was Dec 9th 2009 which would imply that budget day 2011 is scheduled for Dec 8th 2010, if the governmwent were to fall on the budget vote we would have an election campaign taking place … Continue reading

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The end of Enda

Image via Wikipedia He has been an excellent leader of the party and has the qualities to make a great Taoiseach but the electorate have fixed in their minds a view of him that is inaccurate, not based on his performance and … Continue reading

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We’re a drunk blaming a step for breaking our faces

Image via Wikipedia Looking at the Late Late doing one of those panels that were so much part of the dark days of 1980s it struck me that as a nation we are a drunk who blames a step he … Continue reading

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An Irish liberal party – what about a progressive caucus instead

Image via Wikipedia In performing a little exercise set for me by Jason O Mahony I was given to thinking about the calls that come every once in a while from some quarters that we should have new Liberal party … Continue reading

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A short history of the economy in 80s Ireland

I normally don’t post links to p.ie but this obviously took too much effort and is too excellent not to reach as many people as possible. Massive kudos to Edo. Full extract below but better to comment on p.ie Edo … Continue reading

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Killian Forde and the Moguls of Irish politics

The departure/defection/eloping of Cllr Killian Forde from Sinn Fein to the Labour party appears to be causing considerably more discussion that the earlier leavings of Christy Burke or Louise Minihan. While this is perhaps because he has left and joined … Continue reading

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