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Could Scotland, Wales and NI win it for AV?

Most polling appears to show that the AV referendum is headed for a solid defeat but is the polling wrong for a odd reason. England might well vote strongly against but Wales, Scotland and NI are having regional assemblies elections … Continue reading

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I dreamed a dream

Image by PPCC Antifa via Flickr If we’re in the realm of revealing dreams I had a dream the other night in which someone referred to the P.S.N.I. as being the R.U.Kea. Which sounds strangely good to me ears even … Continue reading

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A short history of the economy in 80s Ireland

I normally don’t post links to p.ie but this obviously took too much effort and is too excellent not to reach as many people as possible. Massive kudos to Edo. Full extract below but better to comment on p.ie Edo … Continue reading

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