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JLC’s, EROs, REAs and ELO

The controversy over the report conducted by Kevin Duffy, and Dr Frank Walsh of CUD and which was published by the government into the operation of JLCs and ERO has the mild whiff of a whipped up storm. Just for whose consumption … Continue reading

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Announcement of candidacy for NUI Seanad

I am running once more for Seanad Éireann on the NUI panel, this post will tell you a bit about me and why I’m running*. I’m an unmarried** 43 year old engineer. I’m a practical person who believes that politics matters most when … Continue reading

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Why not have a FG Lab budget before the election?

Image via Wikipedia Why is the government persisting with this idea that it has to be their budget or nothing? Why don’t FF and the Greens announce they are delaying the vote on the Budget by 2 weeks, allow FG and … Continue reading

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Good banks, bad banks, and costly wind-ups.

Image via Wikipedia This time one year ago the proposal from Richard Bruton, then Finance spokesperson of Fine Gael, that we should look to wind down Anglo-Irish Bank in an orderly fashion over the medium term and adopt a “Good … Continue reading

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The actual new FG front bench

Image via Wikipedia As got from p.ie, where there is mucho interesting discussion about it. Looks to me like Finance and the long term economy has been split which I think is a very good thing indeed. FINE GAEL FRONT … Continue reading

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Fine Gael should split the Finance portfolio

My own take on the line up for the new FG Front Bench is that the plan as suggested at the time of George Lee’s departure that the area of Finance and the economy needs a long term view in addition … Continue reading

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I’ll be on Newstalk’s Saturday Edition in the morning

Image via Wikipedia I will be taking part in a discussion re: the week’s events in Fine Gael tomorrow morning between 8.30am and 9.30am. I’m not a main player as it were, merely a phone contributor.  Senator Alex White, Senator … Continue reading

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Where does Fine Gael go now?

Image via Wikipedia I think this rural vs urban stuff is nonsense, Mark Coughlan of another parish noted that it seemed to be in areas where the PDs had once had a foothold or seat that the FGers were opposed … Continue reading

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What the contest in Fine Gael is about

Image via Wikipedia The contest in FG is not urban or rural as Elaine Byrne suggested but between the politics of “what” and “how” as compared with the politics of “who, and where and when”. There is a not inconsiderable number … Continue reading

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What chances for a smooth change at the top of FG?

I suspect that it is obvious at this point that the possibility of a change at the top of FG has increased in the last 48 hours and the likelihood of this change over being a smooth and relatively bloodless … Continue reading

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