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A question of balance

Last night we had another one of those eye of the beholder Vincent Browne moments. To set the scene, there was a review of the Fine Gael Manifesto with the panel consisting of two folks from a Labour/Left background, at … Continue reading

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The lunacy of an agreed FG/Lab program for government

It has come up repeatedly in press commentary over the last few weeks and was a feature  again last night on Vincent Browne that FG and Labour should published an agreed program for government before the election takes place. We know that … Continue reading

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Imagine an Irish election with no transfers that mattered

Image via Wikipedia It is entirely possible that Donegal South West might see an election with no significant transfers shifts of note. That the result will simply be decided on who does best on the first count. FF appear to … Continue reading

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The possible return of the Basic Income Scheme

Image via Wikipedia Last night on Vincent Browne, Sen. Dan Boyle made an interesting comment which didn’t elicit much response from the other panellists due to the rather heated back and forth that was going on. The comment was about … Continue reading

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They’re burning our beards!

Reading the reports that the BBC are pressuring Adrian Chiles (he has a brother goes by the name of Voodoo) to remove his recently grown beard I’m given to wonder what it is that people have against them. Let’s face … Continue reading

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